Client Stories

Paul is a gentle, sensitive guy.

From working together, he discovered he had emotionally disconnected from himself at a very young age, due to his natural need for love not being met during childhood.

This was traumatic - and left a deep void inside.

It caused an unconsious craving for love from others... and this fuelled an addictive need to be in a relationship, at all costs.

From his I AM® Sessions, he discovered the love he had been seeking all his life needed to come from within first.

He now knows from personal experience how this feels. He also knows this is a far more secure and comfortable way to live, instead of depending on others to always fulfil his need for love.

Steve is a caring Husband, a Business Owner and a devoted Dad of twin girls.

He also suffered anxiety most of his life.

From working together, he altered his work-life balance, his communication with his wife improved and he became the father he had "always wanted to be" to his children.

"I had been looking for a way to really find and love myself and feel comfortable in my own skin for the past 20 years! I had no method, no structure, no support, nor a teacher, until I found the I AM Method®.

I had said the words before "I love myself", but it was always so shallow. Poles apart to what I now know and feel."

Bron is a highly successful Entrepreneur. She is also a mother of 5 sons.

In 2017 she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

As soon as Bron received her traumatic diagnosis, she sought our help.

During just one Session, Bron's terror of dying went from "off the scale" down to zero.

She believes the reduction in her stress levels, from resolving this trauma, also helped her survive a very difficult treatment regime which followed.

* CAUTION: If you are triggered by early childhood deaths, please do NOT watch this video. Instead, please book an I AM® Moving On Session ASAP, so you too can gain relief from your unresolved trauma.

Pat is an award-winning Dairy Farmer. Through working together a 30 year old trauma came to light. It had been out of awareness - and yet affecting Pat's choices and life ever since it first happened.

Pat secretly blamed himself for not being able to save his baby brother from SIDS.

Within an hour, this traumatic memory was processed and within 4 days Pat's brain had rewired itself, creating permanent change.

He finally felt free to make better, conscious choices in his life, without being unconsciously influenced by the negative effects of this unresolved memory.

Veronica has a high-level corporate background and is a successful international Businesswoman.

She believed that if she did well in her career, everything else would fall into place…

Through working together, Veronica went from “workaholic” to improving her work-life balance, family relationships, self-awareness, leadership style - and resolved several traumas.

She just wishes she had worked together sooner!

Congratulations to the following clients on your results!

Ranging from 7 to 90 years old – it is a huge honour to work with every one of you! Here are a few “shoutouts”.

These are genuine. Pseudonyms used for confidentiality – and permission granted for use, with many thanks!

* NOTE: Full resolution of a trauma is achieved when the intensity level is 2 or less, on a scale of 0 to 10.


Trauma:  The unexpected and tragic loss of her mother, when she was just 7 years old.

Number of Sessions:  One I AM® Moving On Session

Intensity of Memory:  Started at 10/10.  Finished at 2/10.


Trauma:  Receiving critical and shaming comments from his father when he was 15 years old.

Number of Sessions:  One I AM® Moving On Session

Intensity of Memory:  Started at 9/10.  Finished at 0/10.


Trauma:  An experience of domestic violence.

Number of Sessions:  One I AM® Moving On Session

Intensity of Memory:  Started at 10/10.  Finished at 0/10.


Trauma:  A traumatic visit to the dentist.

Number of Sessions:  One I AM® Moving On Session

Intensity of Memory:  Started at 10/10.  Finished at 0/10.


Trauma:  Being made redundant from a prized work position, 4 years earlier.

Number of Sessions:  One I AM® Moving On Session

Intensity of Memory:  Started at 10/10.  Finished at 2/10.

Tess is a Manager of a Registered Training Organisation. She came to us when she was making some very big and difficult decisions about her life.

After 10 weeks she was, in her words, "a new person", with tremendous clarity and confidence about her future.

Tess has streaked ahead and built a new, self-caring relationship with herself, with her body, and then found a loving partner to share her life with.

Janelle is a Mum and Massage Therapist, who had a traumatic experience at 10 years old which changed her life from that day onwards.

We did an I AM® Moving On Session together. Before the session, it had been constantly in her mind and as vivid as if it had happened yesterday.

Afterwards, she had forgotten all about it and when she did recall it, it felt like a normal memory, free from any emotional reaction.

Even though Mandy had already done plenty of personal development work, she still felt something was holding her back from moving on from past relationships.

The work we did together helped her safely explore and grow from emotional "baggage", which she didn't even realise she had!

As a result, she feels she knows herself at a much deeper level than ever before.

Janti is an Executive Coach and Trainer in Indonesia.

She shares how she overcame perfectionism which was keeping her stuck in a cycle of self-sabotage, preventing the fulfilment of her creative writing goals.

Through completing the I AM Method®, she was able to free herself from this and other limiting thought-patterns, start writing her blog and contributing her unique ideas to the world.