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FAQs about Sessions and Packages

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What is the difference between an I AM® Moving On Session and an I AM® Momentum 3 or 10 Package?

An I AM® Moving On Session is a single, 1 hour session - often an introductory session. (See below for information about extended sessions.)

An I AM® Momentum 3 or 10 Package is when 3 or 10 hours are purchased, at a discounted hourly rate.

Will I always have 3 (or 10) sessions when I purchase an I AM® Momentum 3 (or 10) Package?

With an I AM® Momentum Package, you are paying for a number of hours, rather than a number of sessions.

For example, you might end up having 2 x 1.5 hour sessions with your 3-hour Package. It is very individual and flexible.

What happens if I go over the prepaid 3 (or 10) hours of my Package?

Option 1:  Purchase a new Package and use some of it.

Option 2:  Pay for the extra time beyond the Package and round it off.

There is a 6-month expiry date on the I AM® Momentum 3 Package? What does that mean?

The Packages are designed for people who are "in momentum" and wish to work on themselves in a committed way, or on a particular project.

The expiry date gives a suggested timeframe for staying on track with your work.

If life gets in the way, simply make contact and request an extension! 

What does an "extended session" mean and how is extra time calculated?

An "extended session" means it has gone beyond one hour.

The extra time is charged in 15-minute increments at the relevant hourly rate - that is, either the rate for an I AM® Moving On Session, or the discounted rate for an I AM® Momentum 3 or 10 Package.

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Note: The calendars shown are for sessions with Ingrid, as Malcolm is mostly consulting for organisations. If you would prefer a session with Malcolm instead of Ingrid, this can be arranged. Please phone us, or use the contact form here.