Free Yourself From the Past

So You Can Enjoy Your Future

The Past can keep you Stuck, Forever.
Thankfully, when it Changes - so do You.

How much is the Unresolved Past costing you?

Resolve Past Experiences -
without being retraumatised -
plus change Limiting Beliefs,
so your Future can improve too.

Imagine When You Can...

Meet your Guides

What if you could be safely guided in this process of transformation
by someone who knows how trauma feels - and who cares about you?

We have worked with thousands of clients during the past 30 years.

From both our personal experience and our professional life,
we know what post-traumatic stress feels like.

Ingrid Weissmann - Profile Photo

Ingrid Weissmann
Dip HM, Dip Bow Ther, NFM, ATMS

Malcolm Fowler - Profile Photo

Malcolm Fowler
Dip HM, Dip Bow Ther, ATMS

There are 3 Ways to start Feeling Better. Which one is Right for You?

Inside the Kendall Clinic - where in-person sessions are held.

Perfect for: Anyone who likes in-person and is on the mid-north coast, NSW.

Man in video meeting, having an Online Session.

Perfect for: Anyone who prefers or needs an online option,  from anywhere.

Ingrid - speaking on a Free Clarity Call

Perfect for: Anyone who is not yet sure and wants to ask some questions first.

Can you afford to let Past Events and Outdated Beliefs
ruin your Future?

- A marriage or intimate relationship doesn't last

- Your work or career path ends up unsatisfying

- Relationships with children, parents, siblings, friends or colleagues go sour

- Loss of a loved one, or a job, or a dream

- Natural disasters (e.g. fires or floods) are traumatic

- Unexpected illness, injuries or accidents manifest

- Bullying, violence or abuse of any kind is experienced

- Feelings from childhood recur, such as abandonment, rejection or criticism

Most of our Negative Beliefs about ourselves and the world are formed unconsciously between 0 and 7 years old - and they are often associated with a Traumatic Event.

Joining the Dots (1:40)

Staying in unhealthy relationships, addictions, physical illness, anxiety, depression and much more - can all potentially be Unrecognised Symptoms of this hidden cause of Emotional Pain.

What is a Trauma"? (1:55)

How It Works

Step 1

Book Your Session

Use the booking calendar or phone us to book your I AM® Moving On Session:
- in-person, mid-north
coast of NSW, Australia
- or online, anywhere.

Step 2

Have Your Session

During an I AM® Moving On Session you are guided through a step-by-step system which allows your body and mind to gently process the past.
Safe, non-retraumatising.

Step 3

Enjoy Your Results

Your Session creates permanent change to your perception and experience of past events, plus the unconscious beliefs underlying them.
Relief and freedom result.

Woman looking thoughtful, in nature.


How many sessions will I need?

This is a difficult question to answer fully, as it depends on individual histories, circumstances and personal goals.

Please know that even one session can create a world of difference and noticeable results.

Starting this work can open up many possibilities, as you feel the effects of the changes taking place.

We are happy to offer some guidance in this regard when wanted - and will also respect your choices.

How do I know if I have unresolved traumatic memories?

If you think back over your life, are there any experiences which stand out to you and feel intense?

Ones which you can still feel somewhere in your body, especially?

Or perhaps you cannot remember a specific event, but have an ongoing distressing feeling instead, which has been with you long-term. In this case, the original event may have occurred at a young age.

Your body, as well as your brain, stores the residue of big or traumatic events, until they are resolved.

If you find a memory or a feeling - and you would like to be free from it... book a session!

What is post-traumatic stress (or "PTS")?

PTS is a natural, automatic, survival response to an overwhelming experience.

PTS has nothing to do with your intelligence, your willpower, or how strong you are.

Put simply, your nervous system stays stuck in "fight, flight or freeze" mode, after the event.

This can happen to varying degrees and is very individual.

The good news is, the distressing symptoms of PTS can be switched off again, with the right guidance and techniques - no matter how long ago the original event was, or how complex it is.

How are the sessions non-retraumatising?

The brain stores traumatic memories in a different way to normal memories.

Logic, analysis and talking about every detail does not usually resolve traumatic memories.

(Unfortunately this approach can often be triggering and distressing, because the trauma is relived - not processed.)

We only need a small amount of information to process a traumatic memory.

In addtition, as the processing of the memory begins, the intensity of it reduces very quickly and it usually reaches a very low intensity level by the end of the session.

Does the original memory remain after I have a session?

Yes. After the memory of your experience is resolved, it remains - yet it is altered and no longer triggers the shock response in your body.

It feels completely different.

It feels like any other normal memory you have, free from distress.

Are the results permanent?

Yes. The changes that occur during your session are deep, real and permanent.

When it is appropriate, suggestions are provided for you to simply reinforce and strengthen the changes made, after your session. (This varies according to which technique is used.)

Also worth noting, is that there can be other memories of past experiences which sometimes surface and want to be resolved, after the original memory is resolved.

This is not to be confused with the original changes being insufficient or impermanent. Our feedback channels usually identify these - and another session to cover these new memories may be beneficial.

Are sessions covered by private health funds or Medicare?

Unfortunately no, they are not. Nor are they available via a doctor's referral for a mental health plan.

We believe our sessions are highly cost-effective, life-transforming - and invaluable.

Depending on the individual situation, results are usually achieved quickly.

When relevant for your occupation, your investment in yourself may be classified as Professional Development, because our work usually results in increased:

What this means is your session/s could become a tax-deductible item (in Australia). Please ask your accountant.

And/or ask your employer if they would be open to funding some sessions as part of an EAP (Employee Assistance Program). Sessions can then potentially become a tax-deductible item for your employer (in Australia).

A couple of our Clients' Stories
(with huge thanks to them for sharing, for the benefit of others)

Ashley works as a qualified Accountant.

She didn't know what the cause of her unease was. She just knew something wasn't right.

We discovered that the unexpected loss of her younger brother, two years earlier, had been both tragic and traumatic.

Although Ashley had handled her grief well, it was the traumatic aspects of her brother's death which were surfacing and ready to be resolved.

From just one session, Ashley went from feeling like she "had a huge hole in her heart", to comfortably talking about the loss of her brother.

Nathan is a legend. He owns a CrossFit gym.

Before his Session, Nathan couldn’t work out exactly what was wrong...

That is because he was in shock from receiving some unexpected news.

His logic checked out, which is normal when this happens.

After his one-hour session, the reaction of overwhelm in his body and mind switched off - and he was able to function normally again. 

He was much more grounded and permanently free from the negative impact of this news.

No-one deserves to Suffer.
Book Now and enjoy Relief and Freedom.